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Does your business need top quality computer and network support? Is it time to upgrade your computers and network to support the newest technological advancements in your industry? Do you have a plan to deal with catastrophic computer failure and backup data? Remote connect to your computer? We Can Help!

Whatever your business, or your industry, computers are vital to your success. You do everything on computer: invoicing and payroll, marketing and customer files. And don’t forget e-mail. Computers save time and allow you to do more with your business. You couldn’t live without them.

What’s the answer?

Trauben Networks Private Limited - We're "it" for your IT.


Welcome To Trauben Networks Private Limited

Trauben, since its inception, has concentrated on being services centric while providing IT solutions. We provide computer systems, peripherals and right solutions be it storage, security, infrastructure software or networking.

Trauben  enables organizations to gain full advantage of IT to increase efficiencies, improve effectiveness, reach new goals to get a competitive edge in the market. Our team comprises of highly experienced, knowledgeable technical professionals who will work closely with your organization to help you solve your toughest technological business challenges through viable IT solutions.

Working with the industry leaders in technology, we deliver strategic, personalized, full-service Technical Support services solutions with quality, value and commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Our approach and attitude is team-based and collaborative. we consciously focus on increasing the value-add per employee and utmost importance is attached to attract the best talent into the organization, continuously train & enhance the skill set and help them perform in the most challenging assignments.